Research and development design, 115 feet super yacht, and published in the global market on the 115 - foot boat. Officially launched three new product: 126, 58, 126, Asteria Asteria Zoom Zoom of 58 officially launched gave orders, Asteria once pushed on 126 to win 1 ship orders, Asteira 139 for two orders, one of the ships export to Australia. Starfish yacht global expansion expands further, throughout Europe, North America, New Zealand, Africa, Malta and other regional markets.


Launched a super boat Asteria 96, 152 and 28 feet Sealink family boat; Research and development design, 126 feet super yachts, family boat Bayview 48. Starfish yacht group international time pace historic step, formal open globalization strategy, and the world famous global famous super yacht brokerage management company YPI group strategic cooperation agreement, in the United States ambassador to the United States representative office was set up fort lauderdale.